How Liberal are we?

“I am a liberalistic person. I reserve my right to talk”

Wait. What? No. I didn’t mean to say that. I meant people nowadays call themselves liberals and give such statements. But have we actually liberalised ourselves? How do we know? Lets see.

What is Liberalism? It all started in the mid 17th century when people actually felt like they were choked by other philosophies, especially conservatism and capitalism. Liberalism is a political philosophy that emphasizes on liberty and equality to everyone; whereas conservatism or capitalism is simply the opposite. Not exactly opposite though but yes the idealogies are completely different.

John Locke, an English philosopher is often credited as the father of liberalism wherein he argued that every man has his natural right to freedom, living, property and almost everything. He also argued that no government has the right to deny a man (that includes women too) his natural rights.

The so-called developed countries over threw capitalist governments mostly through great revolutions like the Grand Revolution, the American Revolution, the French Revolition etc. (No, I am not going into the dates and years of these revolutions since this is not a history class and I know history is boring to many).

The main theme or the basis of these revolutions find their roots in the equality and liberty given to common man then. Though we can now say that other philosophies have been sidelined, maybe, in a political way the question lies. What question?

Are we really liberals?

To answer this question, we need to have a congruence between our conscience and and the virtues of liberalism. Yes, you read that right. Our conscience.

Ask your conscience this. Do you feel bad for a person who begs on the streets but does nothing about it? Are you the one who says women should have equality but you hesitate to send your wife or daughter to jobs or roles where men dominate? Do you bargain with street vendors but just pay whatever is on the price tag inside a sgopping mall? If your conscience answers you honestly and you accept it then you have the virtue of becoming a liberal. But if your conscience lies to you or you aren’t ready to accept the truth, then you know what you are. To an extent, even I am not liberal enough to accept things but at least now I am trying to.

If you are in the same boat as me, then it isn’t completely your fault. I would rather say that our previous generation who brought us up weren’t liberals either as they weren’t well informed about the society. Today the world remains in our palms and the age of information warfare is here. Meaning, information is wealth. The more informed we are the more thoughtful we become. The more thoughtful we become the more HUMANISM comes into us. Then we can start experiencing liberalism. Eventually, we would become liberals.

If the entire population on this planet become liberals, I mean, equal and free and happy to live with each other and amongst each other, we would be thriving as a species and would let other species too, thrive with us. Just like Thanos wanted (if you don’t know who Thanos is, it doesn’t matter. Just google him :-)). A world without borders could be the future. Well, I know that sounds a little stupid for those who are serious countrymen but what’s wrong in it? We can all live together.

We can be completely liberal.

If you are one who would want to be one, then you will definitely like this read too. Ha ha!!!

Happy Liberalism!



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